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Arranging Fresh Flowers Made Simple

"When you bring fresh cut Ontario grown flowers into your home, you make a design choice:the colour, the number, the type, everything about the flowers, and how you display them, creates a unique look.

Check out our easy tips to help you master the three most important aspects of arranging fresh flowers:

Choosing Flowers
With so many types of flowers its easy to find options for what suits you and your home.

There are three basic types of flowers to consider for your next arrangement: line flowers (e.g. gladiolas) that give height, mass flowers (e.g. lilies) to give weight, and filler flowers (e.g. babys breath) that round out an arrangement and eliminate gaps. For the perfect arrangement, use flowers either solely from one group e.g multiple stems of the same or similar blooms, or take evenly from each group for a balanced appearance. Sticking to one colour family or using groups of co-ordinating colours are your best bet, competing colours distract from the appeal of the blooms themselves.

Selecting Containers
Take stock of your flower inventory and select a container that is appropriate and visually pleasing. Container height must accommodate heavy or tall flowers and the mouth of the vase needs to provide enough space for stems without overcrowding. If your flower colour palate is monotone or subdued, go wild and select vessels that are decorated or brightly coloured, in a complementary tone, to add instant drama. Do the flowers have enough zest by themselves? If so, stick to simple glass holders to avoid distracting the eye. Dont want to invest in a whole cupboard of containers, one classic piece is enough, just add marbles, pebbles or shells to enhance different arrangements!

Putting the Two Together
Now that you have selected your flowers, and something to put them in, its time to arrange! Never forget the importance of fresh flower care and use plenty of water and flower food to maximize the life of your blooms. Always start with your largest and tallest blooms as a focus when arranging fresh flowers and build around them, criss-crossing the stems as you work in a circular motion around the vase. Remember: flowers have a very set profile and its difficult to force them to hang differently. Before placing a bloom, hold it close to the bottom of the stem and notice its natural lean; this makes it easier to decide which stem to place where.

Now that you have some basics to guide you, treat you, and your home, to Ontario fresh flowers!"

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