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Flower colours and aromatherapy

"Everyone knows about the mental and physical benefits of gardening, but did you know that bringing Ontario fresh flowers into your home can also give you a boost? Research shows that your health and well-being can be improved with the addition of cut flowers to your home or office. There are two important factors that make decorating with flowers a good idea for you and your surroundings.

The science surrounding aromatherapy is well established, and products to fragrance your home dominate home decor stores.

While many do the job of capturing scents that relax or invigorate, these chemical-laden substitutes dont hold a candle to the real thing, i.e fresh flowers. Naturally fragrant flowers in your home capture the qualities of gardens and bring them indoors. Using lilies, lavender, or lilacs will gently perfume your home, with no artificial additives, and improve your overall mood!

Every time you begin home renovation projects and are assessing colour possibilities, the experts are full of information about the best colours to use for each room or personality type; and the same can apply to decorating with flowers! Each colour has an associated mood or benefit that affects people that come into contact with it. Follow our quick reference guide for flower decorating tips that maximize the potential of your Ontario fresh flowers.

Red: Increases appetite and energizes; perfect for dining rooms and dinner parties.

Pink: Promotes happiness and youthfulness; use in childrens bedrooms.

Orange: Stimulates creativity; home offices and work spaces are a great choice.

Yellow: Cheerful; use as a hostess gift to bring sunshine to friends and loved ones.

Green: Relieves stress and anxiety; great as a guest bedroom accent colour.

Blue: The colour of calm communication; use in a den or sitting room.

Purple: Aids in healthy recovery; particularly good choice for ill loved ones.

White: Simplicity and clarity; works well in small spaces, like bathrooms and hallways."

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