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SKU-800290-0208 Garden Starter System (For 6-Pod & 7-Pod AeroGardens) from AeroGrow  sku

Garden Starter System (For 6-Pod & 7-Pod AeroGardens) - 800290-0208 by AeroGrow International, Inc.

Item description: This Gardening Accessories product is by AeroGrow International, Inc. - Start up to 66 seedlings indoors in your AeroGarden with no dirt and no mess, then easily transplant them into your outdoor garden when weather allows. The AeroGarden nurtures your seeds with perfect amounts of water and nutrients, and provides plenty of light and warmth for reliable germination and healthy growth. The kit comes with biodegradable grow sponges that are ready for seed, liquid nutrients and a Seed Starting and Transpanting Guide. PLEASE NOTE: Not compatible with Space-Saver 6 gardens. Click here for Space-Saver 6 Garden Starter System.... Learn More

Manufacturer: AeroGrow International, Inc.

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