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SKU-800528-0208 Grow Anything 1-Season Kit (6/7-Pod) from AeroGrow  sku

Grow Anything 1-Season Kit (6/7-Pod) - 800528-0208 by AeroGrow International, Inc.

Item description: This Gardening Seed Kits product is by AeroGrow International, Inc. - Grow Anything Kits let you plant and grow your own favorite seeds in the AeroGarden, from snap peas to wildflowers and more.  Or easily root cuttings from your favorite plants. Roses and tomatoes root especially well. Bring your outdoor garden back in! INCLUDES:- Grow Pods*- Liquid Nutrients- Split-Apart baskets for easy transplanting- Grow domes for faster germination- Labels* Seeds not included... Learn More

Manufacturer: AeroGrow International, Inc.

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