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Family Garden and berry-bright possumhaws at Wildflower Center

February 11, 2019Continuing with my recent visit to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, let’s explore the Family Garden and see how it looks in late winter. Again, possumhaw holly (Ilex decidua) berries blaze bright red, alongside early blossoms of … Read MoreThe post Family Garden and berry-bright possumhaws at Wildflower Center appeared first on Digging. ...

Winter meadows and fiery possumhaws at Wildflower Center

February 09, 2019 Mexican plum and redbud may be blooming at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center by now. But last Sunday afternoon the gardens were still in the “grip” of an unusually mild winter. Flowers were few, but the … Read MoreThe post Winter meadows and fiery possumhaws at Wildflower Center appeared first on Digging. ...

Don’t smother your tree trunk. Let it flare!

February 05, 2019 How many times have you seen a tree trunk that looks like this It looks nice and neat, right The trunk is tidily surrounded by mulch that’s layered right up against the bark. Maybe under that mulch … Read MoreThe post Don’t smother your tree trunk. Let it flare! appeared first on Digging. ...

Losing shade trees and replanting

February 04, 2019 For 10 years I’ve gardened under dozens of live oaks on our 1/3-acre lot. Last month we lost two of our treasured trees (center of photo above), which shaded our patio and one end of the pool … Read MoreThe post Losing shade trees and replanting appeared first on Digging. ...

Gardens and botanicals – and wallpaper! – on Tribeza Interiors Tour

February 01, 2019 Years of attending interior design and architecture tours have taught me not to expect much in the way of landscape design. Making a beautifully designed home, for many, doesn’t extend beyond the front stoop, or maybe the … Read MoreThe post Gardens and botanicals – and wallpaper! – on Tribeza Interiors Tour appeared first on Digging. ...

Screech owl at sunset

January 29, 2019 The sky went pink last evening as a cold front blew through. In the owl box, a small screech owl watched me from his snug perch, safely out of the wind. The owl box hangs in a … Read MoreThe post Screech owl at sunset appeared first on Digging. ...

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  • Candy Cane Arrangement

    Candy Cane Arrangement
    Express your sweetest sentiments with this combination of red and white flowers accented with sweet candy canes. Note: Candy may be substituted with Chocolates ...(more)

    $119.99 More Details
  • To My Love

    To My Love
    An angelic, creamy white rose is surrounded by six sumptuous, velvety red roses. This perfect romantic arrangement is presented in a chic clear glass cube....(more)

    $89.99 More Details
  • White Magic

    White Magic
    Spread the magic and the grace through this beautiful bouquet of roses, succulents and alstroemeria arranged in a classic vase.succulents may be substituted...(more)

    $99.99 More Details
  • Caramel Love

    Caramel Love
    Dedicated to the Brazilian national football team and all the emotions it inspires, Mi Carazon is ideal for lovers of this amazing team. The heart shaped base h...(more)

    $107.99 More Details
  • Champagne Cocktail

    Champagne Cocktail
    The Champagne Cocktail Basket is a delectable pairing of healthy fruits with the heady lightness of a good Brazillian champagne. This basket comes with an excel...(more)

    $142.99 More Details
  • Natura Little Princess Basket

    Natura Little Princess Basket
    The Natura Little Princess Basket contains a thermal baby case, a Natura Eau de Cologne with no alcohol for babies, a Natura baby shampoo, a Natura soap with so...(more)

    $154.99 More Details
  • Natura Mens Collection

    Natura Mens Collection
    Toiletries for men make a great gift, especially since many of them do not bother to buy them.This compact box of Natura products for men is perfect for men who...(more)

    $149.99 More Details
  • Technicolor Dream

    Technicolor Dream
    Forget plain red, from now on love comes in varied hue with this extravagant bouquet of orange lilies, yellow gerberas, white roses, yellow daisies, blue iris w...(more)

    $117.99 More Details
  • Star Gazer

    Star Gazer
    Not all stars are in the heavens, the best ones can be found right here in this exotic bouquet of yellow lilies, yellow alstromerias, purple hydangeas, yellow d...(more)

    $107.99 More Details
  • Cool Water

    Cool Water
    Fresh and invigorating, this aromatic bouquet featuring white lilies, white roses, white orchid or alstromeria with blue seasonal flowers tied in a blue ribbon,...(more)

    $112.99 More Details
  • Sunset Beauty

    Sunset Beauty
    Mystical grandeur and exotic extravagance surround this stylish arrangement consisting of carnations, chrysanthemums, spray roses, button spray chrysanthemums a...(more)

    $127.99 More Details
  • Bright Shine

    Bright Shine
    You would not find a more delightfully charming party gift. This vivacious arrangement features orange spray roses, gerberas and carnations and green button spr...(more)

    $87.99 More Details
  • Mixed Flowers Beauty

    Mixed Flowers Beauty
    A cheerful mix of orange gerberas, carnations and yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums in this Mixed Flowers bouquet makes it a truly beautiful gift!...(more)

    $79.99 More Details
  • Sweets Basket

    Sweets Basket
    We all know someone who has been very, very good! Let them know that you approve when you send this sweet reward full of goodies. It is chock full of plenty of ...(more)

    $92.99 More Details
  • Fruits and champagne Basket

    Fruits and champagne Basket
    The-áFruits and Champagne Basket-áis a delicious combination of healthy fruits with the lightness of a good champagne. This basket comes with an excellent quali...(more)

    $174.99 More Details
  • Vibrant Splash

    Vibrant Splash
    Gracing the palaces of kings and queens, comes this luxurious flower arrangement of roses, lilies, gerbera daisies and mini carnations arranged in a wicker bask...(more)

    $89.99 More Details
  • Goddess 12 Pink Roses

    Goddess 12 Pink Roses
    Pink roses can mean a variety of things and are the perfect gift for many occasions. These exquisite roses have a high petal count, a long vase life and tall gr...(more)

    $107.99 More Details
  • Gold Heart Pendent with Clove Leaf

    Gold Heart Pendent with Clove Leaf
    If wooing her with something graceful is one your mind, then gift her this bewitching golden heart pendent with a clove leaf. See her radiating with delight as ...(more)

    $49.99 More Details
  • 100 Red Roses

    100 Red Roses
    This stunning arrangement of 100 enchanting red roses makes for a heartwarming gift to floor your beloved. These medium stemmed flowers are artfully hand tied w...(more)

    $482.99 More Details
  • Fantasia 18 Long Stem Roses

    Fantasia 18 Long Stem Roses
    This colorful and spectacular mix of 18 diverse Rose blooms makes for an extravagant arrangement in an attractive vase. This will remind your loved ones of the ...(more)

    $137.99 More Details
  • Majestic

    A magical and luxurious purple extravaganza of mauve daisy poms, purple toned carnations, amethyst statice,tightly clustered and set off by fresh green salal....(more)

    $107.99 More Details
  • Felicity

    Roses, alstroemerias, asters, carnations and chrysanthemums brim over with mirth in this rounded, glass vase. This colorful arrangement lights up the room with ...(more)

    $99.99 More Details
  • Birthday Surprise

    Birthday Surprise
    The lovely autumn sunset bouquet with its glowing tones and elegant mix of different varieties of roses makes anyone feel appreciated and loved during the coole...(more)

    $92.99 More Details
  • Gold Heart Pendent

    Gold Heart Pendent
    A pendent so enchanting that it exudes radiance as soon as you lay your eyes on it. Gift her this enamoring golden heart pendent that has been crafted specially...(more)

    $37.99 More Details
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