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  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Chocolate Covered Pretzels
    Who can resist a delicious chocolate covered pretzel? Who can resist a dozen or more! Our scrumptious chocolate covered pretzels are so tasty that we had to mak...(more)

    $29.63 More Details
  • Chocolate Everything Basket

    Chocolate Everything Basket
    Everyone loves chocolate! This colorful container comes overflowing with assorted, gourmet chocolate covered items. You won't find a more delicious assortment o...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Soccer is Sweet

    Soccer is Sweet
    The perfect mix of snacks and goodies for your favorite soccer player or fan! Assorted candies and cookies make up this unique gift. Sure to score a goal with t...(more)

    $63.55 More Details
  • Basketball is Sweet

    Basketball is Sweet
    The perfect mix of snacks and goodies for your favorite basketball player or fan! Assorted candies and cookies make up this unique gift. Sure to score points wi...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Large Boxed Chocolates

    Large Boxed Chocolates
    A premium selection of assorted chocolates!á Hand-dipped and high end. Your recipient will love the decadent flavors and unique sweets in this gift box....(more)

    $31.75 More Details
  • Boxed Chocolates

    Boxed Chocolates
    Our tastiest chocolates in a beautiful gift box!á Delicious chocolate perfection in a classic assortment of sweet flavors!...(more)

    $21.19 More Details
  • Cookie Tray

    Cookie Tray
    Tasty and delicious, these cookies are sure to be gobbled up fast! Cookies are always a delicious way to send warm greetings to a friend or loved one. Welcome a...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • Medium Boxed Chocolate

    Medium Boxed Chocolate
    Sweet and delicious! Our chocolate masters will put together a delectable assortment of premium chocolates. Accented with a beautiful ribbon. Varieties may incl...(more)

    $21.19 More Details
  • Large Boxed Chocolate

    Large Boxed Chocolate
    Sweet and delicious! This decorative box comes with an assortment of Sweet Shop USA's decadent chocolate truffles and perfectly accented with a beautiful ribbon...(more)

    $31.75 More Details
  • Baseball is Sweet

    Baseball is Sweet
    A yummy assortment of tasty candy bars and sweet snacks arranged in a keepsake ceramic baseball container.áThe perfect gift for any baseball fan with a sweet to...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Beary Sweet

    Beary Sweet
    Your sweetheart will love this sweet treat for Valentine's Day. Soft and waiting to be hugged, this adorable plush teddy bear comes hugging aádelicious, chocola...(more)

    $37.05 More Details
  • Ultimate Caramel Apple Kit

    Ultimate Caramel Apple Kit
    We don't call this the Ultimate Caramel Apple Kit for no reason. Hand-made in small batches, this caramel is prepared in copper kettles the old-fashioned way. W...(more)

    $15.89 More Details
  • Santa's Sack of Sweets

    Santa's Sack of Sweets
    Overflowing with hand-dipped favorites like milk and dark chocolate dipped Oreos, chocolate covered graham crackers, chocolate covered Nutter Butters, decorated...(more)

    $132.45 More Details
  • Chocolate Easter Bunny

    Chocolate Easter Bunny
    Our Chocolate Easter Bunny is an adorable happy chocolate rabbit made out of premium chocolate. He holds a small flower and smiles... before you take a bite out...(more)

    $21.19 More Details
  • Chapel Hill Toffee

    Chapel Hill Toffee
    Made from a secret, homemade family recipe that has been perfected over the years, this Chapel Hill Toffee combined premium pecans and rich dark chocolate. This...(more)

    $26.45 More Details
  • Deluxe Chocolate Basket

    Deluxe Chocolate Basket
    Our premium assortment of all things chocolate! Delicious chocolate items such as assorted chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered oreos and graham cracke...(more)

    $79.45 More Details
  • Deluxe Cookie Tray

    Deluxe Cookie Tray
    A mouthwatering assortment of gourmet cookies including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and shortbread. We've even sprinkled in some Italian cooki...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • Easter Candy Basket

    Easter Candy Basket
    The Easter bunny is coming and he's bringing along his candy! This festive gift arrives with tasty treats for the holiday such as marshmallow peeps, butter crea...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Exquisite Cocktail Truffles

    Exquisite Cocktail Truffles
    These Exquisite Cocktail Truffles are a premium alternative to normal chocolates. These are hand-dipped, made locally and taste absolutely amazing! 2 each of ou...(more)

    $26.45 More Details
  • Gluten Free Fudge Bites

    Gluten Free Fudge Bites
    If you are looking for a gluten free chocolate gift, these Chocolate Fudge Bites are the way to go. The unique double chocolate fudge blend gets cut into impres...(more)

    $26.45 More Details
  • Football Snacker

    Football Snacker
    This might not have burgers and dogs like a popular tailgate party. But our Football Snacker takes care of the sweet side of things on game day. We have combine...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Christmas Fortune Cookies

    Christmas Fortune Cookies
    From stocking stuffers to Secret Santa gifts, these Christmas fortune cookies are the perfect choice. Each tasty cookie includes one of over 100 different holid...(more)

    $13.77 More Details
  • Golf Snacker

    Golf Snacker
    A yummy assortment of snacks chosen specifically with the golfer in mind.á This delicious mix comes arranged in a ceramic golf ball container which can be re-us...(more)

    $63.55 More Details
  • Too Sweet

    Too Sweet
    A sparkling, silver container overflowing with an abundance of tasty sweet treats. Sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! Candies may include: Twix Skittles Candy Can...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Jelly Belly Machine

    Jelly Belly Machine
    The Jelly Belly Bean Machine is a nostalgic trip to a simpler place and time, back to when jelly beans were a kids favorite treat!á Alone, or with the 20 flavor...(more)

    $47.65 More Details
  • Junk Food Junkie Basket

    Junk Food Junkie Basket
    Stuff your face with this popular assortment of popcorn, candy bars, candies and other popular snack items. This has been a popular hit so far this season! Make...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Gigantic Chocolate Easter Bunny

    Gigantic Chocolate Easter Bunny
    Our Gigantic Chocolate Easter Bunny has been a popular choice for Easter each year. Made of premium quality milk chocolate and decorated with both white and dar...(more)

    $132.45 More Details
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