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Berrylicious Living Strawberry Wreath

Shiny, bright red strawberries are not only a delicious treat but they are also a decorative plant that looks beautiful in the landscape. Low-growing plants dotted with white or pink flowers and... Please see the full article on ...

The Secrets to High-Yield Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces

There are plenty of vegetable crops that can be grown in containers and have a small footprint in the soil. More importantly, you want to get as much food as you can from that small space and that... Please see the full article on ...

Lemon Balm Lip Balm for Cold Sores

Lemon balm is the herb for little red spots. It makes a fresh and delicious tea and grows like crazyáin the garden but in herb circles it’s known for so much more. Lemon balm’s antiviral... Please see the full article on ...

Starting Veggie Seeds: Soil Temperature is Key!

One of the most rewarding ways to grow your own vegetables is to start them from seed, plus itĺs a great educational experience for kids big and small. Root veggies like carrots, beets and radishes... Please see the full article on ...

Natural Pest Control: Attracting Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

Last year my husband came home panicking about the Ĺbugsĺ all over our plum tree. We only have room for one fruit tree, so any chance that we may not get to eat all those amazing Italian prune plums... Please see the full article on ...

Homemade Herbal Flea-Repelling Dog Shampoo

This homemade herbal dog shampoo not only leaves your puppy with a herb-fresh scent, but those herbs also work to deter fleas. The recipe comes to us from the herb garden, making it powerful yet... Please see the full article on ...

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  • Grandfather - Willow Tree

    Grandfather - Willow Tree
    This hand carved grandfather with grandchild figurine is a wonderful expression of a great family relationship. ˘Bridging generations with endless love÷. This b...(more)

    $37.09 More Details
  • Grandmother - Willow Tree

    Grandmother - Willow Tree
    This great gift for Grandmothers captures the moment between grandmom and newborn child. The bond is strong and the outreached arms of the young child are a sig...(more)

    $37.05 More Details
  • Tenderness - Willow Tree

    Tenderness - Willow Tree
    The bond between child and mother is truly something special. The Willow Tree Tenderness figurine captures that quiet connection with the young child. Mother an...(more)

    $37.09 More Details
  • Angel of Caring - Willow Tree

    Angel of Caring - Willow Tree
    The Willow Tree Angel of Caring is just that, a caring angel. This cured resin and metal figurine of a caring angel in a seated, listening pose lets a loved one...(more)

    $21.19 More Details
  • Loving Angel - Willow Tree

    Loving Angel - Willow Tree
    The Loving Angel figurine is a cute tabletop gift for both love and romance occasions. This angel stands with metal wings and holds a red rose which signifies l...(more)

    $21.19 More Details
  • Cherish - Willow Tree

    Cherish - Willow Tree
    This realistic figurine resembles a pregnant woman. ˘I love to hear from people who see in my figures who or what they want to see. I like that level of partici...(more)

    $37.09 More Details
  • Sign for Love - Willow Tree

    Sign for Love - Willow Tree
    The Willow Tree Sign for Love angel is great way to say I Love You. Made of high quality resin and metal, this piece is great for anything related to love. Perf...(more)

    $21.19 More Details
  • Love - Willow Tree

    Love - Willow Tree
    ˘The posture and profile of this piece is somewhat iconic. It speaks about a love so strong that it continues on beyond a lifetime. The words Ševerlasting and t...(more)

    $34.97 More Details
  • Promise - Willow Tree

    Promise - Willow Tree
    ˘I carved this piece so that it could be viewed Šin the roundĂ. You get a different understanding depending on how you turn the piece. If you view from the side...(more)

    $39.21 More Details
  • Two Alike - Willow Tree

    Two Alike - Willow Tree
    Whether it be sisters that are inseparable, twins that mimic each other, cousins or even best friends that are so close they act as sisters, this piece is the p...(more)

    $36.03 More Details
  • Courage - Willow Tree

    Courage - Willow Tree
    The Willow Tree űCourage figurine is the perfect gift for someone with a health ailment, or who facing adversity in their life. The Angel of Courage is in a tri...(more)

    $21.19 More Details
  • Hero - Willow Tree

    Hero - Willow Tree
    ˘I carved this memorial in dedication to those who have suffered a loss in the service of others. I want to quietly honor the courage of the hero who has died, ...(more)

    $34.97 More Details
  • Just for You - Willow Tree

    Just for You - Willow Tree
    The Willow Tree Just for You figurine makes the perfect Thank You gift. This unique cured resin and metal figurine is a great way to say thanks to that special ...(more)

    $21.19 More Details
  • Generations - Willow Tree

    Generations - Willow Tree
    The Generations Willow Tree gift is a sculpted resin figure that can be sent to any member of the family for various occasions. From thinking of you to birthday...(more)

    $40.23 More Details
  • Our Gift - Willow Tree

    Our Gift - Willow Tree
    ˘I remember when we brought our first-born home, and walked into our house. I had an overwhelming sense of fulfillment ¨ it seemed like our whole house was warm...(more)

    $40.27 More Details
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