Lemon Balm Lip Balm for Cold Sores

Lemon balm is the herb for little red spots. It may be lemon tea fresh delicious tea and prolific in the garden. But its antiviral properties make it a popular herb for the treatment for cold sores,... Please see the full article on ...

Starting Veggie Seeds: Soil Temperature is Key!

One of the most rewarding ways to grow your own vegetables is to start them from seed, plus it’s a great educational experience for kids big and small. Root veggies like carrots, beets and radishes... Please see the full article on ...

Natural Pest Control: Attracting Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

Last year my husband came home panicking about the ‘bugs’ all over our plum tree. We only have room for one fruit tree, so any chance that we may not get to eat all those amazing Italian prune plums... Please see the full article on ...

Homemade Herbal Flea-Repelling Dog Shampoo

This homemade herbal dog shampoo not only leaves your puppy with a herb-fresh scent, but those herbs also work to deter fleas. The recipe comes to us from the herb garden, making it powerful yet... Please see the full article on ...

The 7 Best Perennials for Shade Gardens

Many of us have at least a section of garden that is shady most of the time. Shade gardens can be bor-ring unless you spice them up with plants that have interesting colors, shapes, and textures.... Please see the full article on ...

The Essential Guide to Growing Hostas, the Shade Garden Beauty

If you are looking for an easy care plant that brightens up the shade with gorgeous foliage and fragrant blooms then Hostas are the plants for you. These shade-tolerant perennials have stunningly... Please see the full article on ...

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  • Infatuation

    Gorgeous stargazer lilies with red and pink premium roses arranged in a decorative glass vase with light greens. This flower arrangement is a must for your next...(more)

    $84.75 More Details
  • Fancy Red Roses Arranged in Vase

    Fancy Red Roses Arranged in Vase
    High quality and fresh, these roses come arranged in a glass vase withágreens. One dozen roses expertly designed by our professional designers and hand delivere...(more)

    $68.85 More Details
  • Corkcicle

    Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperatures is a tough task. Too cold and it could mask the vinter's uniquely crafted complexities. Too warm and ...(more)

    $28.57 More Details
  • Baby Girl Splendor

    Baby Girl Splendor
    Arranged in a decorative novelty container, the baby girl splendor includes flowers such as spray roses, lilies, carnations, waxflower and more! Novelty contain...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • Teleflora Just Ducky Bouquet

    Teleflora Just Ducky Bouquet
    The perfect gift for the new addition in the family.á Welcome the new baby to the flock with flowers in a wonderfully whimsical ceramic duck that becomes a cute...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear
    We carry the highest quality stuffed animal lines including Gund, Ganz and Jellycat. Our designers will select the perfect animal for your occasion....(more)

    $15.89 More Details
  • Double Mum in Basket

    Double Mum in Basket
    We grow the finest mums around and the size of these mums shows it. Complete with fancy bow and decorative accents. Approximately 16"H x 22"W. May not be availa...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • Teleflora Baby's Wow Wagon

    Teleflora Baby's Wow Wagon
    Talk about the perfect welcome wagon! Available for boys and girls, this darling keepsake will be cherished for years. Bright, cheerful and ready to "roll" righ...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Valentina

    Fancy European flowers such as hydrangea, roses, gerbera daisies, seeded eucalyptus, lilies, spray roses and much more! An incredible mix of flowers!...(more)

    $132.45 More Details
  • Baby Boy Splendor

    Baby Boy Splendor
    This arrangement is made in a novelty baby boy container with assorted white, yellow and blue flowers such as roses, lilies, iris, spray mums and more!...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • FTD Anniversary Bouquet

    FTD Anniversary Bouquet
    Inducing romantic sentiments, the FTD Anniversary Bouquet is an enchanting display of love and affection in a classically designed arrangement. Rich red roses, ...(more)

    $63.55 More Details
  • Special Day Anniversary Bouquet

    Special Day Anniversary Bouquet
    The Special Day Anniversary Bouquet is a beautiful way to say "I love you" to the love on your life on your special day. This arrangement is overflowing with ri...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Set To Celebrate Bouquet

    Set To Celebrate Bouquet
    The Set to Celebrate Birthday Bouquet is one of our new favorites for birthday celebrations. The bright burst of colors such as orange, yellow, lavender and lim...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Birthday Brights Bouquet

    Birthday Brights Bouquet
    Happy Birthday to who? Who cares! The Birthday Brights Bouquet is the perfect selection for anyone's birthday wishes. Bursting with bright, beautiful fresh cut ...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Brenda

    This bright and colorful arrangement can be sent for any occasion. Flowers such as sunflowers, roses, carnations, Fall mums and more arranged in a deluxe stone ...(more)

    $68.85 More Details
  • Happy Birthday Bouquet

    Happy Birthday Bouquet
    Assorted bright and cheerful colors arranged in a basket with birthday party accessories. Vibrant reds, yellows and deep purples professionally arranged in a wi...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • Lemon Lime Bouquet

    Lemon Lime Bouquet
    Our Lemon Lime Bouquet is a blooming expression of charming cheer. Brilliant yellow roses and Peruvian lilies share the spotlight with white traditional daisies...(more)

    $47.65 More Details
  • Floral Birthday Cake

    Floral Birthday Cake
    What a neat idea!á A beautiful birthday cake made out of flowers.á Complete with candles, ready for the group to sing Happy Birthday!á Please specify color choi...(more)

    $47.65 More Details
  • Ultimate Caramel Apple Kit

    Ultimate Caramel Apple Kit
    We don't call this the Ultimate Caramel Apple Kit for no reason. Hand-made in small batches, this caramel is prepared in copper kettles the old-fashioned way. W...(more)

    $15.89 More Details
  • Caterpillar Baby Gift Wagon

    Caterpillar Baby Gift Wagon
    Welcome the new baby to the world with a memorable gift basket filled with some much needed baby supplies! This green polka dot caterpillar is an actual wagon w...(more)

    $105.95 More Details
  • Beer Barrel Santa

    Beer Barrel Santa
    The Beer Barrel Santa is a whimsical tabletop Santa figurine that is a great addition to the bar area. He sits on a wooden barrel in his traditional red pants w...(more)

    $95.35 More Details
  • Gingerbread Santa

    Gingerbread Santa
    The Gingerbread Santa is an adorable decorative piece that will look perfect in your kitchen. Santa sits on a stack of cookbooks and clutches his recently baked...(more)

    $95.35 More Details
  • Snowman Santa

    Snowman Santa
    This Snowman Santa is a great addition to any collection of tabletop Santas. He stands holding a green woven bag filled with gifts. In his other hand is a bag o...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Letters to Santa

    Letters to Santa
    The Letters to Santa tabletop figurine depicts Santa in his traditional red and white outfit holding an overflowing sack full of letters. In the opposite hand, ...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Christmas Surprise Santa

    Christmas Surprise Santa
    The Christmas Surprise Santa is a unique Christmas gift that will add a festive decor to any room. This Santa stands wearing a fluffy Santa coat, pants and hat....(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Wine Bottle Holder Santa

    Wine Bottle Holder Santa
    Get into the Christmas spirit with this festive wine bottle holder! Santa sits atop one bottle of your favorite wine and makes a perfect accent for any wine lov...(more)

    $84.75 More Details
  • Milk and Cookies Santa

    Milk and Cookies Santa
    The Milk and Cookies Santa is a tabletop figure that captures St Nick in his festive plaid holiday robe, green striped pants and reindeer slippers. He clutches ...(more)

    $105.95 More Details
  • Beary Christmas Santa

    Beary Christmas Santa
    The Beary Christmas Santa is a festive holiday gift that will look great in any decor this Christmas. Your mantle will come to life with this adorable piece. Sa...(more)

    $95.35 More Details
  • Midnight Snack Santa

    Midnight Snack Santa
    The Midnight Snack captures Santa Claus waking in the night and getting a plate of snacks with his teddy bear in hand. The teddy bear's outfit matches Santa's p...(more)

    $105.95 More Details
  • Christmas Cookies Santa

    Christmas Cookies Santa
    The Christmas Cookies Santa is a popular holiday gift of Santa himself dressed in his plaid shirt, baker's hat, Christmas Cookies apron and traditional pants. I...(more)

    $95.35 More Details
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