Homemade Peppermint Healing Foot Balm that Cools + Soothes Sore Feet

Can we talk about feet for a moment As a gardener my feet take a beating. I love to be outdoors no matter what the season and I walk everywhere I can. I have a car, but it sits there all week in... Please see the full article on ...

How to Revive a Sick Air Plant

If your air plant is looking dull, a bit brown, maybe limp, it could mean that it is very thirsty! To revive a sick air plant that has been a tad neglected, shipped from far, far away, or is just... Please see the full article on ...

Grow a Healing Herbal Tea Garden

It can be quite satisfying to sit down to drink a freshly-steeped cup of tea, especially if you have grown the tea ingredients right in your own backyard! Herbal teas are a gentle way to include... Please see the full article on ...

Coffee Bean Massage Bars Recipe

Solid massage bars are a great way to soften skin without the mess of massage oil. The beeswax, cocoa butter, and coffee beans add so much fragrance to this recipe that no additional essential oils... Please see the full article on ...

Mandala Meditation Practice with Plants: Creating Sanctuary

Practice mindfulness by engaging in a mandala meditation using a variety of found garden treasures. Discover the effects of color on emotions and how texture stimulates the senses in this quick... Please see the full article on ...

Easy, Nutritious, and Yummy: Three Ways to Grow Sprouts

Homegrown sprouts will ruin store-bought sprouts for you forever. You may think the ones you buy from the store are good, but as soon as you grow your own for the first time and realize how flavorful... Please see the full article on ...

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  • Corkcicle

    Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperatures is a tough task. Too cold and it could mask the vinter's uniquely crafted complexities. Too warm and ...(more)

    $28.57 More Details
  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear
    We carry the highest quality stuffed animal lines including Gund, Ganz and Jellycat. Our designers will select the perfect animal for your occasion....(more)

    $15.89 More Details
  • Double Mum in Basket

    Double Mum in Basket
    We grow the finest mums around and the size of these mums shows it. Complete with fancy bow and decorative accents. Approximately 16"H x 22"W. May not be availa...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • Infatuation

    Gorgeous stargazer lilies with red and pink premium roses arranged in a decorative glass vase with light greens. This flower arrangement is a must for your next...(more)

    $84.75 More Details
  • Fancy Red Roses Arranged in Vase

    Fancy Red Roses Arranged in Vase
    High quality and fresh, these roses come arranged in a glass vase withágreens. One dozen roses expertly designed by our professional designers and hand delivere...(more)

    $68.85 More Details
  • Baby Girl Splendor

    Baby Girl Splendor
    Arranged in a decorative novelty container, the baby girl splendor includes flowers such as spray roses, lilies, carnations, waxflower and more! Novelty contain...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • FTD S19-3560 Our Love Eternal Heart

    FTD S19-3560 Our Love Eternal Heart
    To remember a loved one, this pink heart wreath is a lovely expression of love and fond memories. Pink carnations are tightly designed with flourishing pops of ...(more)

    $185.45 More Details
  • Tabletop Baby Pig

    Tabletop Baby Pig
    Tabletop baby pig figurines for the pig lover in your life! Makes a great gift or home or office decoration. Choose from the sleeping pig or walking pig! Approx...(more)

    $26.45 More Details
  • Garden Meerkat

    Garden Meerkat
    These adorable meerkat figurines need a home! They would love a bright spot in your garden to call home. Great gift or home or yard decoration. Makes a great gi...(more)

    $19.07 More Details
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