Simple Christmas Decorations using Natural and Rustic Materials

You don’t have to be a decorating wizard to create beautiful and striking holiday decorations. And you certainly don’t need glitter! Nature gives us all we need to decorate with, from... Please see the full article on ...

Hand-Stamped Fabric Napkins for Christmas

I hand stamped these cocktail napkins with an evergreen tree as they were intended as Christmas gifts. I found a great set of beautiful white 100% cotton cocktail napkins with a nice detail around... Please see the full article on ...

Monogrammed Herbal Drawer Fresheners

These herbal drawer fresheners keep folded laundry smelling fresh. They are simple to make, which is good because you will want to make plenty of them! These drawer fresheners are made from the... Please see the full article on ...

A Candy Cane Lip Balm Recipe for Sweet Sweet Lips this Christmas

Now here is a case of a moment on the lips means NOTHING on the hips! A completely calorie-free indulgence that’s lip-smacking good, and, hey, it smells great too: candy cane lip balm. This is... Please see the full article on ...

Rosemary Pressed Herb Candles

Pressed herb candles are a unique way to preserve the beauty of the garden. Rosemary looks great in these candles, but you can also use herbs like thyme or lavender that are readily available in the... Please see the full article on ...

How to Care for a Fresh Christmas Tree

Your perfect Christmas tree is only perfect if it lasts through the season! With these tips, you will be able to choose a tree that is fresh as well as learn how to keep it beautiful throughout the... Please see the full article on ...

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  • Ribbon Inscription

    Ribbon Inscription
    Personalized inscription text professionally printed on ribbon to be placed on your floral tribute.á Common text would be "Beloved Husband or Wife," "In Loving ...(more)

    $7.95 More Details
  • Orchid Plant

    Orchid Plant
    Ranging in color and size, our orchids are sure to impress the recipient. Each comes in a decorative ceramic pot and gets dressed with moss, bow and curly willo...(more)

    $79.45 More Details
  • Graceful Swan

    Graceful Swan
    The beauty and grace of a swan made out of flowers!á Body is made up of white carnations and dendrobium orchids.á Neck and head are a gorgeous white calla lily....(more)

    $159.00 More Details
  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear
    We carry the highest quality stuffed animal lines including Gund, Ganz and Jellycat. Our designers will select the perfect animal for your occasion....(more)

    $15.89 More Details
  • Double Mum in Basket

    Double Mum in Basket
    We grow the finest mums around and the size of these mums shows it. Complete with fancy bow and decorative accents. Approximately 16"H x 22"W. May not be availa...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • Corkcicle

    Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperatures is a tough task. Too cold and it could mask the vinter's uniquely crafted complexities. Too warm and ...(more)

    $28.57 More Details
  • Mixed Green Wreath

    Mixed Green Wreath
    This outdoor wreath is made up of mixed holiday evergreens such as pine, cedar and comes with a decorative velvet bow. Perfect for your outdoor holiday decorati...(more)

    $28.57 More Details
  • Single Bottle Wine Carrier

    Single Bottle Wine Carrier
    The Single Bottle Wine Carrier is a deluxe wine gift that includes everything pictured for a memorable picnic, fun tailgate or convenient trip to your favorite ...(more)

    $52.95 More Details
  • Lavish Lilies

    Lavish Lilies
    An abundance of pink hybrid lilies delicately arranged in a decorative glass vase with fancy assorted greens. What an amazing statement! Perfect for any occasio...(more)

    $158.95 More Details
  • Romance Kit

    Romance Kit
    One dozen gorgeous red roses arranged in a glass vase with babies breath grouped with assorted color rose petals, boxed chocolates and teddy bear. 4 gifts in 1!...(more)

    $148.35 More Details
  • Bar Tools Gift Set

    Bar Tools Gift Set
    This gift set has all the tools you'll need to make your favorite cocktail. A great gift item for Father's day, birthdays and more! This set includes: beer hamm...(more)

    $37.05 More Details
  • Rose Bowl

    Rose Bowl
    Fancy glass bowl filled with premium cut roses and delicate greens. An elegant design for any occasion. Please specify rose color during checkout....(more)

    $74.15 More Details
  • Root Beer Making Kit

    Root Beer Making Kit
    Mr. Rootbeer is the most complete root beer kit on the market, and will produce 2 gallons of delicious old-fashioned root beer in as little as 3 days! It's easy...(more)

    $42.35 More Details
  • Sensual Sampler

    Sensual Sampler
    A sampling of all of Valentine's greatest gifts. 6 beautiful red roses professionally arranged in a glass vase with babies breath and greens along with a tasty ...(more)

    $95.35 More Details
  • Mom's Stargazer Lilies

    Mom's Stargazer Lilies
    Beautiful and blooming stargazer lilies arranged in a deep pink glass vase with fancy fillers and greens. Elegant and showy! Enjoy these long lasting stargazer ...(more)

    $79.45 More Details
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